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Welcome to Salem! Join our expert storytellers as we enthrall you with the true stories of The Witch City. With hundreds of 5 star reviews, Better Than Fiction is constantly hailed as one of the “most fun”, “entertaining”, and “amazing” tours in the city. Also "best dressed" and "awesome shoes!" But you don't have to take our word for it, book a tour now and make us part of your Salem story today!

Locally owned and operated! Don't be fooled by those corporate tour companies, we don't buy reviews or bullshit you with made up stories. You want real Salem History? We got you, guaranteed, that's our promise to you. -Better Than Fiction, Salem Walking Tours

Salem Witch House


Salem and Witchcraft

The tryals have left a footprint on Salem and the world that still echos 331 years later. Join us on our 90 min walking tour as we visit historic locations and lay the groundwork to explore and unpack what happened in Salem in 1692. We shed light on how a community driven by fear and led by religious ideology and zealot extremism, executed 20 innocent people.

90 min Walking Tour.   -   $24


Salem Old Town Hall

Dark Stories

of Salem

 When you hear Salem, you often think of Witches, and Halloween, of ghosts and spooky fun, but there's so much more lurking in the shadows. Salem has a dark side. Join us on our 90 min walking tour as we learn secrets of the oldest cemetery in Salem, brutal murders, strange legal battles, secret passages, curses, spiders, torture, and of course a ghost story or two.


90 min Walking Tour.   -   $24


Better Than Fiction, Salem Walking Tours, BTF Tours, Jeffrey

Best Tour in Salem!

Jeff (tour guide and owner) was absolutely incredible! The tour focused on actual historical events of the area, not baseless ghost stories told with overdramatic flair. Jeff was interesting and knowledgeable, and it was clear he knows the area and the stories well. This isn't a tour for cheap scares - this is for anyone who wants the real history told by someone passionate about it. The stories are creepy enough on their own!


Great historical tour with deep insights into people and their histories!

We came to Salem for Halloween weekend and booked this tour as our first activity in the Town. Jeffrey was a great tour guide and his knowledge and command of the story and narrative of the witch trials, geography and context behind the series of the events that took place is impeccable. He expertly connected the dots between people and places offering a sobering narrative with lessons that still apply to this day. I 100% recommend this tour. You will not be disappointed! 


Better Than Fiction, Salem Walking Tours, BTF Tours, Jeffrey
Better Than Fiction, Salem Walking Tours, BTF Tours, Jeffrey

Awesome daytime walking tour

Very entertaining tour! Jeff was a master in his presentation of the facts and folklore surrounding the Salem Witch trials. He was very accommodating in booking the tour as well, because we made a few changes to the numbers in our party and he was very understanding. The hour and 1/2 went fast because our attention was focused on the storytelling by Jeff! Highly recommend him. I would not hesitate to book a tour in the future with him!


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